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Are You Getting All of The Tax Breaks You Should?
At Botts Taxes we do both Individual & Small Business Income Tax Preparation. All State Returns, Electronic Filing Available, All Returns Computerized, Year Round Service, Can Provide In-Home Service

What to bring to your tax interview

  • Wage statements/W-2s/1099-Misc
  • Unemployment statement
  • Pension, retirement income/1099-Rs
  • Interest and dividend income
  • Commissions
  • Sales of stocks or bonds
  • Self-employed business income & expenses
  • Lottery or gambling winnings/losses
  • State refund amount
  • Income and expenses from rentals
  • Alimony paid or received
  • Record of purchase or sale of residence
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Real estate and personal property taxes
  • Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid
  • Cash and noncash charitable donations
  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid
  • Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related educational expenses
  • Child care expenses & provider information (Tax ID Number)
  • Social security card(s)
  • Dependents' social security numbers and dates of birth
  • Last year's tax return
  • Registration fees for cars
  • Professional dues and memberships
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